Tiger Eye Angel - Confidence and Protection Crystal Guardian


Discover the unique strength and guidance of our Tiger Eye Angel, a one-of-a-kind talisman meticulously crafted to boost your confidence, enhance your willpower, and protect your spirit. Fashioned from authentic Tiger Eye gemstone, this angelic figure serves as a potent amulet, repelling negativity and enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth and love. The Tiger Eye Angel is your steadfast companion, keeping you grounded while facilitating a profound connection to a higher consciousness.

Renowned for its soul-warming properties, Tiger Eye is an earthy stone that kindles a fire in the heart and anchors you in reality. This gemstone is a perfect match for the angel shape, harmoniously blending celestial guidance with terrestrial stability. The Tiger Eye Angel empowers you to adapt to any situation, fortifying your strength and resilience to face life's challenges head-on.

Tiger Eye is often called the shapeshifter stone, as it enhances adaptability and ensures your root chakra, the energy centre at the base of your spine, is cleansed and charged. This process helps to balance your energy, promoting a sense of stability and security. It reinforces your self-worth, enabling you to advocate for yourself confidently. This angel also helps clear mental roadblocks, allowing you to easily overcome self-limiting beliefs and move forward.

Whether gracing your home, accompanying you on your journey, or aiding in meditation, the Tiger Eye Angel is a catalyst for transforming dreams into reality. Dare to dream big, explore the depths of your spiritual consciousness, and watch as this powerful gemstone guardian helps you manifest your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Material: Unique and genuine Tiger Eye gemstone
Width: 29.00mm
Height: 41.00mm
Weight: 20g about


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