Ruby Zoisite Healing Crystal Bracelet 8mm - Joy & Vitality


The Ruby Zoisite Healing Crystal Bracelet, a unique fusion of fire and patience, serves as a beautiful reminder of our journey through plains of energy. Its design is perfect for those seeking to balance conscious connection with the integrity of their individual spirit. This delicate, dreamy piece, when worn, becomes a personal symbol of this harmony.

“I am bright-eyed and quick to laugh because my heart is open to joy.”

The Zoisite, with its deep green hue, is a powerful symbol of the third eye chakra. For those already on their spiritual path, it becomes a beacon of compassionate energy. The addition of a rare ruby infuses this stone with a playful melody, enhancing its spiritual benefits.

Emerald green and speckled or rippled with blood-red finery, the Ruby Zoisite is one of the most enchanting stones on earth. Awash with a regal rarity, the Ruby Zoisite Healing Crystal Bracelet instils laughter, light-hearted joy, the strength of character, and a deeper appreciation of life that doesn’t weigh heavy on the heart.

The Ruby Zoisite brings simple joy into your life and acts as a healer of hearts. It is an excellent crystal for promoting healthy circulation and blood flow. The light and life it brings to the wearer also enhance their virility, vivacity, and vitality.

- 8mm genuine Ruby Zoisite gemstone beads
- Strung on durable, stretchy cord
- Unisex sizing
- Stone colours may vary

Embrace the joyful and revitalising energy of the Ruby Zoisite Healing Crystal Bracelet. Let it guide you towards a life filled with laughter, strength, and spiritual connection.


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