Rose Quartz Worry Stone - Heart Shaped for Love & Compassion


Experience the comforting touch of love and compassion with our Rose Quartz Worry Stone. This worry stone, as smooth as silk and blushing pink like the morning sky, is your always-on-the-go companion, fitting perfectly in your pocket or purse. It's a simple yet powerful tool, ready to invite compassion into your life whenever you need to soothe your spirit and invite loving energy.

Rose Quartz, intimately connected to the heart chakra, fills you with the transformative power of love, reminding you of your worthiness and capability. This blushing crystal is not just a token of love between partners but a potent catalyst for self-healing. Rose Quartz brings its deeply healing energy in life's darkest moments of mistrust and vulnerability, guiding you back to a place of softness and self-love.

Holding this worry stone in your hand can help you reconnect with your inner strength and remind you that the greatest love often comes from within. It's a tactile reminder of the boundless love you can offer yourself, promoting self-compassion and inner peace.

Whether you gift it as a symbol of a rare bond or keep it for personal use, the Rose Quartz Worry Stone is more than just a stone. It's a conduit of deep bonding, grace, and strengthened relationships. It's a beautiful way to carry a piece of love and light, a tangible symbol of the compassion and self-love you can offer yourself wherever you go.

  • Unique and genuine Rose Quartz gemstone
  • Approx. 1.57 inches long and 1.57 inches wide
  • Colour, shape, size, and markings will vary

Embrace the loving and compassionate energy of the Rose Quartz Worry Stone, and let it guide you to a life filled with love, self-healing, and peace.


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