Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Bracelet 8mm - Love & Compassion


As soft and serene as a passing cloud, the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Bracelet is like sunlight on snow, gently warming and illuminating. It is a stone of love that can melt even the hardest of hearts. For those who long to crack open their heart chakra, this rosy stone will rescue them.

“I open my heart to the universe and invite healing in.”

The Heart Stone, the delicate pink hue of Rose Quartz, has a rich history as a symbol of love, dating back to 600 B.C. It was often exchanged as a token of affection, a tradition that continues to this day. But beyond its symbolic value, Rose Quartz is a conduit for gentle, positive energy and self-love, enriching the rhythm of your own heart.

If you've been carrying the weight of past hurts and feeling stuck, the rose quartz Healing Crystal Bracelet can gently open your heart, restoring the warm glow of trust and guiding you towards a path of tenderness. The mantra of this blushing and beautiful stone is to infuse everything we do with love and compassion. It can foster deep emotional connections—both outwardly and inwardly-for those seeking to cultivate kindness within.

Unsurprisingly, the Rose Quartz is well-connected to the Heart Chakra. Still, its positive vibrations run from tip to toe, keeping you calm and stable in your core no matter what chaos surrounds you. Along with gifting self-radiance, Rose Quartz also invites accelerated physical healing. Rumored to be the blood of Adonis and Aphrodite mingled, Rose Quartz is beauty, love, and deepest desire.

8mm genuine gemstone beads
Strung on durable, stretchy cord 
Unisex Sizing 
Stone colours may vary


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