Red Jasper Angel - Grounding and Protective Healing Crystal


Discover the unique allure of the Red Jasper Angel, a masterfully crafted piece that brings a harmonious blend of balance, courage, and strength into your life. Fashioned from authentic Red Jasper, this captivating crystal angel emanates a spectrum of deep red hues, symbolising a potent mix of passion and inner strength. It's a must-have for those in pursuit of motivation, endurance, and a profound connection to their origins.

Discover the transformative power of the Red Jasper Angel. This radiant gem, renowned for its ability to stoke the inner fire, provides an instant pick-me-up for low moods and boosts motivation. Linked to the kundalini serpent at the base of the spine, it has the potential to awaken and transform your life. The angelic form of the Red Jasper ensures your safety and steadiness, offering a protective talisman to guide you through your journey.

The Red Jasper Angel is also profoundly connected to the root chakra, the foundation of our sense of safety and stability. When this chakra is balanced, it allows us to rise and flourish, providing resilience against life's challenges. The grounding energy of Red Jasper ensures that you remain steady and secure, even when faced with adversity.

Envelop your home in a shield of joy and protection with the Red Jasper Angel. Place it by your front door to ward off negative energy, or carry it with you to bask in a protective aura. This crystal angel fosters a state of protection and openness, empowering you to embrace passion and growth without feeling guarded or stagnant.

Material: Unique and genuine Red Jasper gemstone 
Size: 1.5"
Width: 29.00mm
Height: 41.00mm
Weight: 20g about


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