Personalised Name Bracelet, Bracelet with 1-3 Name, Name Bracelet for Women, Sterling Silver Name Bracelet

  • Colour: Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
  • Material: Copper/925 Sterling Silver/Gold Plated
  • Style: Name Bracelet/Personalised Bracelet
  • Size: 45+5cm
  • Weight: 3-5g

We are introducing our elegant Personalised Name Bracelet, a perfect blend of sophistication and personal touch. This exquisite bracelet is available in three stunning finishes – silver, gold, and rose gold – offering a choice between pure 925 Sterling Silver, high-quality copper, and gold-plated options. Designed for the modern woman who appreciates a blend of style and personal significance, it's an ideal accessory for everyday elegance or special occasions.

This 45+5cm bracelet provides a comfortable and adjustable fit for any wrist. With a weight ranging between 3-5g, it's light enough to wear throughout the day while maintaining a feel of quality and substance. The personalised bracelet can be customised with 1-3 names, making it a truly unique piece that celebrates personal identity or holds the names of loved ones close.

The selection of material – whether the timeless appeal of sterling silver, the warm tones of gold-plated copper, or the contemporary charm of rose gold – ensures that this bracelet can suit various personal styles and preferences. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a statement of individuality and a reflection of individual connections.

This Name Bracelet is a perfect gift for women of all ages, for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, or as a special treat for yourself. It's a way to carry a part of your story with you subtly and stylishly.

Elegantly packaged, this Personalised Name Bracelet is ready to be presented as a thoughtful and cherished gift. It's more than a bracelet; it's a symbol of love, personalised art, and a testament to the unique stories that define us.

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