Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Halo Ring

  • Moissanite: 8.0mm x 6.0mm
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver/9K Solid Gold/10K Solid Gold/14K Solid Gold/18K Solid Gold/Moissanite
    Band Colour: Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold
  • Colour Grade: D
  • Clarity Grande: VVSI
  • RI: 2.65-2.69
  • Fire Dispersion: 0.104
  • Gloss: 20.4%
  • Mohs Hardness: 9¼

Discover moissanite rings' unparalleled beauty and brilliance, the perfect alternative for those seeking elegance and sustainability. Moissanite engagement rings offer an ethical, affordable, and stunning choice for couples ready to embark on their romantic journey together. These exquisite rings feature moissanite stones, known for their incredible fire and sparkle, rivalling even the finest diamonds. With their remarkable durability and timeless appeal, moissanite rings are the epitome of love that lasts a lifetime.

Explore our stunning collection of moissanite engagement rings, crafted with precision and care to showcase the captivating beauty of these stones. Choose from various designs, from classic solitaires to intricate vintage-inspired settings, ensuring you find the perfect ring to symbolize your love story. Make a statement of everlasting commitment and devotion with a moissanite ring that will surely capture the heart of your beloved. Don't wait any longer – shop our collection now and experience the allure of moissanite for yourself!

I am in love with my Ifshe Jewelry Moissanite Ring! It's stunning and looks just like a natural diamond.

Sarah ***

The quality of this moissanite personalised engagement ring is exceptional. I've been wearing it every day for weeks, and it still looks brand new.

Mary ***

This ring is such an excellent value for the price. I can't believe how much it sparkles and shines!

Elizabeth ***

If you're looking for a beautiful and affordable engagement ring, look no further than Ifshe Jewelry's moissanite ring.

Jennifer ***

I receive so many compliments on my Ifshe Jewelry moissanite engagement ring. Everyone thinks it's a natural diamond!

Emily ***

I highly recommend this Moissanite Ring to anyone who wants high-quality personalised jewellery without breaking the bank. It's perfect for any occasion.

Catherine ***

Moissanite Rings UK Online

Moissanite Rings UK Online

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