Mahogany Obsidian Healing Crystal Bracelet 8mm - Strength & Protection


Discover the unique power of the Mahogany Obsidian Healing Crystal Bracelet, a stone of strength that brings personal power, protection, and all the energy of earth and wood to keep you calm and stable. This gemstone, with its rich reflective moods, will help you build strength, face challenges, and commit to attitudes of glorious growth.

"With this bracelet, I find the strength to be a driving force in the direction of my life."

Mahogany Obsidian carries all the properties of Obsidian. Still, it comes dressed and blessed with the shades of starry Hematite or Magnetite stashed inside. Its earthy tones take on a reddish hue, bringing warmth and a hint of fire to help stir up your chi and put you back in the driver's seat of your life. This unique appearance is not just for aesthetics, but it also symbolises [insert symbolism], which further enhances the bracelet's properties.

Experience the transformative power of Mahogany Obsidian. It absorbs negative energy and harmonises healthy emotions in a way that only healing crystals can. It's your personal cheerleader, encouraging the shedding of emotions and behaviours that keep you from reaching your pinnacle. With Mahogany Obsidian, you can be more present in your relationships with others and yourself, bringing a consistent aura of protection to all you do.

This Mahogany Obsidian Bracelet can activate your lower chakras, energy centres in the body. They work from the root, rising to the solar plexus and shifting blocks from the sacral chakras. These chakras are responsible for our feeling rooted, safe, steady, and secure in this world. When open, we are prepped and ready to embrace a sense of play, deal with change, nurture our creative spirit, and stand proud in our skin. The bracelet can contribute to your overall well-being and personal growth by activating these chakras.

- 8mm genuine Mahogany Obsidian gemstone beads
- Strung on durable, stretchy cord
- Unisex sizing
- Stone colours may vary

Step into the embrace of the grounding and protective energy of the Mahogany Obsidian Healing Crystal Bracelet. Let it be your guide towards a life filled with strength, stability, and inner power, providing you with a sense of reassurance and safety.


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