Howlite Healing Crystal Bracelet 8mm - Calm & Intuition


Soft and creamy with the energy of snow and moonlight, the Howlite Healing Crystal Bracelet with 8mm gemstone beads is swirled with soothing vibes. This milky magic stone is known for its gentle vibrations, clearing toxic thought patterns and keeping you aligned with all your best intentions.

“With this bracelet, I am calm and collected without compromising my deeper sense of self.”

There’s ancient energy caught inside the Howlite stone - one that whispers of light, knowledge, and heartfelt intuition. As a generous calming stone, Howlite can help dissipate feelings of anger and cool quick tempers, allowing you to maintain a steady, calm demeanour in the face of adversity. It has a flow and ease that helps you channel your energy in all the right ways.

Howlite is a versatile stone, adept at helping you communicate clearly. It beautifully connects to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, inviting you to own your wisdom and use it to reach higher into celestial places. With the Howlite stone, you can stay balanced, calm, and adaptable without compromising your energy.

8mm genuine Howlite gemstone beads
Strung on durable, stretchy cord
Unisex sizing
Stone colours may vary

Embrace the calming and intuitive energy of the Howlite Healing Crystal Bracelet, and let it guide you toward a life filled with clarity, balance, and serene self-assurance.


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