Green Aventurine Angel - Pure Crystal


Embrace prosperity, power, and purpose with our Green Aventurine Angel. This beautifully hand-carved angel, crafted from genuine Green Aventurine, symbolises luck, abundance, and spring energy. Named after the Italian word for chance, this gem is designed to bring good fortune and healthy vibes. The Green Aventurine Angel is your tool for success, helping you achieve all you desire with grace and confidence. Many of our customers have reported increased financial stability and a sense of empowerment after using this angel in their daily rituals.

This Green Aventurine Angel is a powerful embodiment of divine femininity, strong boundaries, and beautiful bonds. When carved into an angel, it transforms into a healing stone, a potent amulet, and a protective charm. Green Aventurine, intimately connected to the heart chakra, is perfect for opening your heart, removing emotional blocks, and restoring trust. This angel is a catalyst for profound personal growth, encouraging you to love fully and freely.

Beyond its emotional healing properties, the Green Aventurine Angel is a catalyst for balance in the nervous system and decisive action. This vibrant spring stone is a powerful tool that shifts your mindset to a pure and positive outlook, empowering you to move forward with unwavering confidence and boundless optimism. With the steadfast support of this beautiful gemstone, you can confidently let go of old patterns, leap higher, and always put your best foot forward.

Whether placed in your home or carried with you, the Green Aventurine Angel constantly reminds you to embrace new beginnings and welcome abundance into your heart.

Material: Unique and genuine Green Aventurine gemstone 
Size: 1.5"
Width: 29.00mm
Height: 41.00mm
Weight: 20g about


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