Black Agate Healing Crystal Bracelet 8mm - Protection & Balance


With its dark, protective aura, the Black Agate Healing Crystal Bracelet stands out for its unique ability to restore balance. This grounding stone, with its yin-yang harmonising properties, instils inner strength and stability.

"I am ready to release what I have been holding."

The Black Agate Healing Crystal Bracelet, with its soulful, smoky allure, beckons you to embrace the night. Its protective energy is not to be feared but welcomed. This powerful stone is your shield, ensuring you confidently step out into the world.

Black Agate is the moonlit rock on which negative waves can crash and disperse. This soothing stone doesn't just calm; it transforms stormy energy into a more positive presence. While many calming crystals and stones can bring a sense of quiet gratitude, Black Agate isn't just serenity; it's a powerful force that neutralises heavy auras, giving you the courage and clarity to face any challenge.

Black Agate is a fabled stone. It was pressed into rings to be worn by the Persian Magi and is commonly believed to cure snake bites. Legend has it that eagles would hunt down these stones to use in their nests as a protective force for their young. Indeed, Black Agate is beloved in the natural world for its shield-like ability. Black Agate is also said to unravel pain for those who feel the tension in their hips and bones. Let our Black Agate Bracelet extinguish the fever pitch of negative thoughts.

- 8mm genuine Black Agate gemstone beads
- Strung on durable, stretchy cord
- Unisex sizing
- Stone colours may vary

Embrace the grounding and protective energy of the Black Agate Healing Crystal Bracelet. Let it guide you toward a life of balance, strength, and serenity.


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